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Our Services

If you need A little more space

We provide various storage services
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item storage

Our services include:

  • Item Storage and keeping  with high security standards by reasonable prices – our storage units are under video and guard surveillance 24/7.
  • Self storage units with capacity of 38m3, and warehouse room of more than 1000m² .
  • Warehouse and storage rentals by unit – m².
  • Load, unload, transport and delivery by company vehicles.
  • Dissembling and assembling of robust furniture.
  • Delivery of goods during their stay in our warehouses with a properly signed removal order.
  • Transport of unnecessary things to junkyard or other desired place by your choice.
  • Acquisition of whole necessary customs documentation and permission to import/export items that are in another country.
  • Items are insured during their storage in our units.
  • If there is any type of damage to your goods, you will receive adequate compensation.
  • Our storage units can be used as a temporary solution for storing things indefinitely, for as long as you need. Upon receipt of your items, we make a contract, as well as a inventory list, on the basis of which we return them to you later. When your goods are placed in our warehouses, you can take items in full, or piece by piece. The great advantage of our company is that we offer our clients truck and van transport to our warehouses, as well as transport from the warehouse to your new address.
  • If you are moving or renovating an apartment or business space, you no longer have to worry about what to do with your belongings. We offer you our warehouse space and storage units where your belongings will be completely safe and secure.
  • Following the requirements of our clients, you have the opportunity to take only part or all of the items. It is obligatory to make the contract, as well as the inventory list. An inventory list is a document based on waht things are returned to you later.
  • In addition to useful things for storage, we also take away things that you no longer need.
  • What is especially important is that we insure the goods during the entire stay in our warehouses, but also adequate compensation in case of damage.