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Item Storage

item storage

Item Storage

There are different reasons for temporarily storing your belongings:

  • Renovation of the apartment – it is necessary to remove things from the apartment and not make them damaged, dirty and to make the job easier.
  • Moving from the old to the new apartment – if the new apartment is not finished yet or you are still looking for it, and the old one must be abandoned within a set deadline
  • You move into a smaller apartment and suddenly you have a surplus of things you need, and you have nowhere to store them

Whatever the reason, it is sometimes very difficult to solve this logistical nightmare and accommodate closets, beds and pieces of furniture, consumable electronics, wardrobe, musical instruments, children’s toys, works of art, furniture, etc., until the room is renovated or prepared for relocation.

Companies that move often, lot of things and equipment (computers, office supplies, desks, large and heavy cabinets, archives, machines, devices, etc.) suffer from it

  • If you move or renovate an apartment or business space, move a company or trade, and you do not have your own warehouse, you no longer have to worry about what to do with your belongings and goods. We offer you our warehouse space and storage units where you can store Your belongings are completely safe and secure
  • Our warehouse space as well as storage units can be used as a temporary solution for storing things indefinitely, for as long as you need. Upon receipt of your items, we make a contract, as well as an inventory list, on the basis of which we return them to you later. Once your goods are placed in our warehouses, you can pick things up at whole or piece by piece.
  • The great advantage of our company is that we offer our clients truck and van transport to our warehouses, as well as transport from the warehouse to your new address.
  • What is especially important, we insure the goods during the entire stay in our warehouses, but also adequate compensation in case of damage.