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about us

About us and our team…

Our company has trained and responsible staff, that will do the preparation, transport, item handling and placing in our storage room as it is planed with you.

We offer appropriate storage rooms and storage services for different articles and products, furniture etc. It is safe and under very economical prices.

Our storage units have volume of 38m3, and our depot space has more than 1000m2. They are build by the latest standards and we are ready to storage variety of items.

For all additional information feel free to contact us through some of provided options.

Customize your storage

Based on your needs.
Large Storage Dimensions

Our storage units have volume of 38m3, while depot can offer more than 1000m² storage space.

transport and loading

Yours is just to call us, for everything else our staff will gladly handle for you.

security and realibility

Your items are safe and protected in our storage units from outside impact.

Very reasonable prices

We always strive to provide acceptable and competitive price on the current market.

Call us and we will will hear your conditions, explain everything about us, arrange time and the best way to storage your items.