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In order for your belongings to be in the right place at all times, as a solution we offer various self storage services for things in special storage spaces arranged according to the most modern standards, at very reasonable prices.

We also do the packing of your things, disassembly, assembly, loading and item transportation.

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Why our storage space?

Because we have experience, adequate warehousing and storage units for storing items and because we want our quality, responsibility and competitive prices to gain your trust ……

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How do we store things?

  • Our self storage services provide a space as well as storage units can be used as a temporary solution for storing things indefinitely, for as long as you need. Upon receipt of your items, we make a contract, as well as an inventory list, on the basis of which we return them to you later. When your goods are placed in our warehouses, you can take items in full or part by part. The great advantage of our company is that we offer our clients truck and van transport to our warehouses, as well as transport from the warehouse to your new address.
  • What is especially important, we insure the goods during the entire stay in our warehouses, but also adequate compensation in case of damage.
Large Storage Capacity

Separate self storage units with a capacity of 38m², as well as more than 1000m² of warehouse space in Belgrade

Loading and transportation

It's yours to just call us. Everything else can be taken care of by our workers.

Your safety and security

The things you have in our warehouses are safe and protected from external influences.

Very reasonable prices

We strive for our service to have an acceptable and competitive price in the market.